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At AB Tuning Services we offer a full range of re-mapping and diagnostic services. Full mobile services available in the north west. 

Full Range of re-mapping

Performance remaps stage 1, 2 & 3 . Economy maps with gains of up to 20% in MPG


DPF & SCR and AD blue solutions, swirl flaps, EGR, LAMBDA, NOX etc.

Economy Remapping

Our remapping process typically takes less than two hours, sometimes as quick as thirty minutes, to replace your vehicle’s current ECU (Electronic Control Unit) software with a new, customized version suited to your specific needs. The result is a more fuel-efficient and enjoyable driving experience.

Diagnostic Service

Full dealer level diagnostics service covering all makes and models.


Pops & Bangs, popcorn limiter, rev limiter increase, map on sport button & more

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