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DPF Solutions

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​If you have a relatively recent diesel-engined vehicle, it's likely equipped with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). This filter plays a crucial role in adhering to the stringent Euro emissions regulations by removing harmful particulates from diesel emissions.


DPFs, like any filter, need to function efficiently. In ideal conditions, they self-clean through a process called regeneration. This occurs when the vehicle is running at optimal engine temperature, allowing the DPF to periodically clear itself.​​

However, in less ideal scenarios, like frequent stop/start driving or short trips, the filter may not efficiently self-clean. This can lead to clogging with soot, affecting performance, economy, and emissions. Preventative measures include periodic higher speed runs on an open road.

Nevertheless, once performance issues or warning lights appear, it often indicates significant soot accumulation. Over time, even DPFs in vehicles operating at maximum engine temperature will degrade and require replacement. Manufacturers typically classify DPFs as 'wear and tear' items, not covered by vehicle warranties.​


Replacing your DPF with an original one from your manufacturer can be costly, often exceeding £1,000. Alternatively, generic aftermarket DPFs might save money upfront but can pose risks in terms of longevity and compatibility.​


 We offer comprehensive DPF solutions. Our approach is cost-effective compared to complete replacement and ensures your vehicle remains MOT compliant, passing all emissions tests. With every DPF solution, we provide a complimentary ECU remap, enhancing your vehicle's BHP and torque.

We stand by the software performance in our DPF solutions. So, if you're facing DPF issues or anticipate them, Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Contact AB Tuning Services for expert advice. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, offering advice that can lead to significant savings over main dealer costs. We provide a lifetime guarantee on the software for all our DPF solutions, ensuring lasting performance and peace of mind.

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